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Age: 15
Location: Troy
Favorite beverage: Dr. pepper and Mtn. Dew
In average, how many times do you use the restroom each day? 3 ish?
What colors are your toe nails right now? black
What is playing in your speakers right now? (If nothing, make something up) I believe you - calldweller
What does your hair look like at this present moment? crap. lol (how it is naturally w/o doing ne thing to it.
Do you enjoy sandwiches? What is your favorite? yes. turkey (or this weird meat becca always has lol) provolone(sp) and mustard.
What would you do if it started raining men? put matresses and pillows outside so they dont die.
How do you feel about potatos? potatos are amazing. so many things can be made from a potatoe.
Does Nelly keep ya tailfeather shakin? yeeeaahh.. im gunna have to say no lol.

Include 3 pictures
-One of yourself

-One goofy something

-One animal (Better make it good)

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yes darling
Bahahah that monkey is insane.